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Learning to play the guitar late in life, he began writing songs after his very first informal lesson because writing seemed less like practicing. In the 80’s, Lucky was managing a garage band that rarely did gigs called ‘the Dregz’, whom also backed him up on early demo’s such as ‘The Real’ and ‘Crime of passion’, before that group disbanded and he decided to concentrate on his own developing music career. His stage name came from his childhood idol Elvis Presley who played Lucky Jackson in the MGM masterpiece Viva Las Vegas in 1964 with Ann-Margaret. His physical resemblance to the king of Rock’n’Roll didn’t help much as they don’t look anything alike.

His first disc called Tangerine Sky, a Christian themed e.p, was recorded between 1996 and 1998 when it was finally produced and sold well in his local area. This was followed up by his first studio album called 'Lonely road ahead' in 2005 after starting his own label.

Lucky Jackson is a prolific songwriter who until he relocated his residence and home studio wrote and recorded a song a week and is very fast becoming a notable artist penning his own tunes and performing locally to sell-out crowds.

Lucky Jackson's real name and back stage alterego Michael Warren is founder of the label called MAI-SONGS MUSIC where all his music is recorded and ultimately released. His lack of slick commercial style for the more individual raw demo like approach is the key to this artists appeal and eventual success. His sense of poetry was also very noticeable and added to the unique quality that is Lucky Jackson.

Subliminal poet’ his follow up album was released in 2007. His new cd is 'GOLDEN LUGGAGE' containing 13 new tracks recorded in an Adelaide studio and co-produced by Darren Mullins.

MAI-SONGS MUSIC is now open for business if you are interested in recording some good quality demos. We also commit vinyl to cd and record karaoke albums for those freakazoid karaoke fans that want to create those brag albums to show friends or for performers looking to show as demo presentations for potential gigs or record deals. For more information email:

Direct payment for any cd's can also be paid for using that email address via paypal USD$20 for the full length albums 'LONELY ROAD AHEAD and 'SUBLIMINAL POET' and 'GOLDEN LUGGAGE'. USD$10 for the Christian E.P 'TANGERINE SKY'. (postage/handling for all purchases is free worldwide).