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  1. midnight madness

From the recording Midnight madness

This is my tribute to the horror films of my childhood. The classic horror films of Universal and the British Hammer horror series.


MIDNIGHT MADNESS © 1982 A- Michael Warren
C- John Stevenson

Late at night, time is passing by,
no-one is around and darkness fills the sky.
Terror surrounds us, mist is creeping in,
out of the shadows came a gust of wind.

chorus: At midnight,
At midnight,
At midnight - wolves begin to howl now.
At midnight,
At midnight,
At midnight - vampires on the prowl now.

chorus (2): Everytime that darkness creeps in,
graves are open left and right.
Everytime that darkness creeps in,
vampires roam the streets at night.

Waiting in silence for someone to go by,
the ghoulies can see from the corner of their eye.
Out of the blue someone blind and poor,
easy for the taking as blood begins to pour

chorus (1):

chorus (2):

By mornin', daylight peeps through,
the streets are safe for me and you.
But not for long, another night will come,
but 'til then, we'll try to have fun.

chorus (1):

chorus (2):