Lucky Jackson was born in Adelaide South Australia on May 4 1961. With an all encompassing passion for music inspired by such artists as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Monkees, The Osmonds, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Rolling stones, Roy Orbison, The Everly brothers and a plethora of other artists of the 50’s and 60’s Lucky Jackson decided on his life’s goal. After his first informal guitar lesson at the age of 21 he wrote his first song and his road was paved. After years of writing and recording demo’s of various quality including in 1987 the songs ‘CRIME OF PASSION’ and ‘THE REAL’, both of which were the first recordings played on radio the following day at 3D community radio station (then called TRIPLE M), he proceeded to recorded his first album entitled ‘TANGERING SKY’ (1998). This was an expensive disaster for which he hastily released (or salvaged) an EP for which did nothing although it did get some airplay. After this disaster he had the bright idea of putting together his own home studio in order to have more control over the sound of his work. Teaming up with a couple of local musician’s, guitarist Graham Whan and bassist Steve McGiver he developed a sound much more to his liking. During this fruitful and prolific period he was tasked to writing a song a week. From this two albums followed. ‘LONELY ROAD AHEAD’ (2005) and ‘SUBLIMINAL POET’ (2007). Obviously, these were demo quality albums. Although full of flaws, they served the purpose of learning his songwriting craft and the equipment for the recording process. After Lucky Jackson moved house to the outer Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth Graham and Steve soon decided it was too far to travel for recording and only 2 or 3 tracks were recorded there before they parted ways. Once again on his own, writing songs was a sporadic activity. Uninspired during this period, in 2012 his niece Katie died in her sleep and the inspiration came back and he wrote the song ‘NEVER SAID GOODBYE’. Deciding to record this tribute professionally he went to the Adelaide recording studio run by Darren Mullen and was so impressed by the finished product, it was the beginning of the long awaited album ‘GOLDEN LUGGAGE’ (2014) considered by many to be his best work to date. Although not as prolific as the home studio period, the songs still came and he began work on this last project ‘THE ALAN SMITHEE PROJECT’ (2018). ‘THE ALAN SMITHEE PROJECT’ consists of songs ranging from rock’n’roll,, country, swing, social commentary about war, violence in society and depression and suicide. It includes his first ever originally composed Christmas song ‘ANOTHER EVERYDAY CHRISTMAS’ and as a bonus the firstly released demo of ‘CRIME OF PASSION’ and a hidden bonus track not listed called ‘TEEPEE’. Always in the search of his next project he is already working on material for his next album to be called ‘HOW DO YOU SPELL ID?’ No matter what one might say about his talent as a songwriter or singer. One thing is for sure, each project is better than the one before and one should always wait with anticipation for that pending work. As he has always said, “one day I’ll make my own Dark side of the moon, then I can die satisfied that people will remember me.”