BETTER CALL A DOCTOR © 2004 A/C Michael Warren

I can’t breathe and the fever is high
My knees are week, my mouth is dry
Better call a doctor or I could die…………oooh!
Better call a doctor.

My hands are clammy, cold to the touch
I’m sweatin’ like a pig and that’s too much
Better call a doctor before I’m in dutch………oooh!
Better call a doctor.

Chorus: Better call a doctor, better call a nurse,
Better call a medic, better call a hearse,
The world that I’m livin’in is full of bad disease….oooh!
Better call a doctor.

I can’t see straight my eyes a little blurry
My toes are black, my tongues a little furry
Better call a doctor, I’m startin’ to worry…….oooh!
Better call a doctor.


Chorus x 2: