DON’T TELL ME IT’S RAIN © 2003 A/C Michael Warren

Everytime I see you walkin’ down the street
You look like you’re in a rain storm
You snuggle up to me like we never grew apart
As if you’re tryin’ to keep me warm

Chorus: Don’t tell me it’s rain
Don’t tell me it’s rain
Don’t tell me it’s rain - again!

Standin’ on the corner with your face in your hands
Wanderin’ where you belong
Feeling like the world’s comin’ to an end
Lookin’ like a country song.

Bridge: Wipe the water from your eyes
I can see through the disguise
I’m not buyin’ any lies - so go!


Everywhere I look I see your damp soaked frown
Thinkin’ wishin’ for who knows what
Failure is easy, success is hard
You gotta be happy with what you got

Chorus - x2