1. Go down


GO DOWN © 2004 A/C Michael Warren

Throw my heart away, set my body free
There’s no other way, it has got to be that way, that way.
The melody is dark, I have lost my way
I have missed my mark, I have got to say my say, my say.

Chorus: There’s a message in the bottle, go down
There’s a message in the bottle go down

Throw my love to the floor, stomp it in the ground
I can take no more, I dare not make a sound out loud, out loud.
I feel that lonesome cry, and weep for a lovin’word
I just wanna die, at least that’s what I heard go down, go down.

Bridge: Do you see what I see
Do you know what I know
Do you see what I see, go down.


I crawl through the pain of life, lookin’for a remedy
Feelin’ I’m in chains, but wantin’to be free of love, of love.
Frustration is my day, lonely is my night
You torment in every way just so I’ll bite and I do, and I do.

Chorus: x2