1. Nobody's home


“NOBODY’S HOME” ©2006 A/C Michael Warren

I can’t speak or answer your call
There’s no-one here at all
You should stop knocking, you’re on your own
Nobody’s home.

I’m out and about, there’s no doubt
There’s no need to shout
Knock no more, your all alone
There’s nobody home.

Chorus: I’m out, seeing friends
Buying odds and ends
I’m out, just like some
Having lunch with mum
Gone on a tour of Rome
Nobody’s home.

I don’t see, or hear the plea at all
I’m not around to take the call
Go away; come again when I’m home – ‘cause
Nobody’s home.

Bridge: I’m sitting in the little room when someone’s calling
I don’t care who’s on the phone
I won’t move if the sky is falling
Nobody’s home.

I can’t speak or make a sound
I can’t let myself be found
Don’t misunderstand or mistake my tone – but
Nobody’s home.


2nd chorus: I’m out, so knock no more
Don’t tell me what ya knocking for
I’m out, playing around
I’m out, on the town
This is my free time zone – ‘cause
Nobody’s home.