STRANGER IN A STORM © 1994 A/C Michael Warren

The world around me starts to moan, but I don't hear a word,
the silence of my bleedin' heart cries out to be heard.
I walk the streets wantin' to be free,
I sleep alone cravin' liberty.

The bloody song of hippocrasy wreak havoc to my brain,
I can't concieve to live my life in the roarin' pourin' rain.
I cry alone wishin' love was near,
I sleep alone wishin' I wasn't here.

chorus: I'm a stranger in a storm,
watch me, watch me cry.
I'm a stranger in a storm,
lookin' for a way to die.
But Jesus found me sittin' in a pool of sin,
and he picked me up cause look at all the crap I'm in.

I saw in the night-time dark above the stars of an endless sky,
I crawl through rivers of homeless tears, does anybody wonder why?
So the son of God came to you and me,
to show the way to a whole new reality.


instrumental. (chorus is played as an instrumental)

repeat chorus twice. (ending on C)